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Automation and Handling Systems

The high developed available handling and automation systems from different manufacturers increase and lead to smooth workflows. The interfaces of our milling system are tailored to suit the market needs, they can be optimal compatible and easy to operate. So it is possible to use the entire potential of innovative manufacturing technology as a economic solution. As a consequence arise the overvalue for the operator through fully automated operation, high supply level, improved machine usage rate, optimal material- and data flow, transparent job processing and stockpiling, increased work- and process security, ect. If you are interested we'd be glad if you contact us for more informations!

Zirkonsauger Milling device for the processing of zircon with low suction output.
Laserschweisser Laser welding from eyeglasses frames with camera focusing.
Doppelspindel CNC500G with double spindle
Dreifachspindel CNC500G with 3 main spindle
Tackerautomat Stapler automate
Poliermaschine CNC700 for polishing of surfaces